Working with existing HIT platforms requires cross disciplinary methods to deliver value iteratively and incrementally.

Traditional product development results in 60% core functionality missing upon launch - with an additional 60% post launch of fixing defects.  How to change the odds?

Our approach uses cross disciplinary methods to ensure iterative and incremental delivery of value to stakeholders aligned with HIT standards.


I have an existing platform and need help innovating using modern HIT approaches.

My challenges:

  • How innovate iteratively and incrementally
  • How to adapt to end user needs and still align with HIT standards
  • How to leverage HL7 FHIR for current product development


We help you address interoperability concerns early in product development in order to maximize value and minimize technical debt.

Example projects:

Product Strategy

  • Paper based healthcare protocol task analysis
  • Digital product translation
  • Reference Implementations


  • Mobile-first Development
  • API-first Development
  • Continuous Delivery (CD) and Cloud DevOps

Mentoring and Quick Starts