U.S. HIT standards are complex.  Frame a strategy before early commitment of resources.

Organizations often approach HIT standards compliance at a data exchange only level.

True interoperability is about empowering end users to interact effectively, efficiently and without loss of meaning while hiding HIT standards complexity.


I need help understanding and navigating the complex world of HIT standards.

My challenges:

  • How to translate complex HIT standards into interoperability strategy and actionable projects
  • What is HL7 FHIR?  How is it relevant to how I approach product delivery?
  • What are medical terminologies such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICD 9/10, RXNORM?  Why are they relevant to HIT projects?


We help you define interoperability strategy and translate it into action.

Example projects:

Interoperability Strategy

  • HIT standards monitoring and advisory
  • HIT standards selection
  • HIT vendor selection

Interoperability Architecture

  • Structured authoring and reporting
  • Terminology services and mapping tools
  • HL7 FHIR integration